Salem Women's March

Laurel, my wife, was one of the organizers of the 2017 Salem Women's March that was part of a national movement of protest against Donald Trump's hugely disturbing inauguration as President -- with, it turns out, a whole lot of help from Russians. I had the good fortune of being able to stand on the stage during the speaking portion of the event. I made an Adobe Spark web page from the photos and videos I took at the Women's March.

Musings about the meaning of Salem's Minto-Brown bridge

Land use issues have been a major concern of my wife and me, living as we do in Oregon, a state that's been a pioneer in protecting farm and forest land from excessive urbanization. This is an Adobe Spark page I made about my land use musings following the opening of a pedestrian/cyclist bridge across a slough of the Willamette River here in Salem.

Giraffes are fun to feed

After Laurel and I visited the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in southern California, I shared photos of our experience via another Adobe Spark web page. I made astounding conclusions, such as "Giraffes are big!" OK, maybe not so astounding.

Hines home as seen by a drone

Since 1990, so 28 years at the moment, my wife and I have lived on 10 non-easycare acres in rural south Salem, Oregon. This Adobe Spark page shows how our house looks from on high -- a drone perspective. I also shared some ground level photos of our yard and surrounding property. We love being out in nature, even when that nature is difficult to maintain. The adage whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger definitely applies to life in the country.